Personality Development: A Component of a Successful Life

April 06, 2019

Personality is a pattern of feelings, behaviour, and thoughts. Every person has a unique identity and personality that makes him standout from the rest. When talking about personality development, it pertains to the totality of an individual’s characteristics, traits, attitudes, habits, beliefs, motives, and outlook on life. There are various steps to personality development.

Subconscious personality programming

The subconscious mind contains the previously conditioned information, which significantly affects the way a person look at himself and the way he deals with other people. To develop a healthy personality, the subconscious mind should be programmed with positive personality traits, especially before going to bed at night and just before waking up the next morning.

Conscious programming

This pertains to the kind of person you want to be. What do you want to be in the future? How you envision yourself five to ten years from now? What do you want to achieve in the near future? The way you envision yourself greatly affects both your subconscious and conscious mind, which will then help mould your attitude and personality. It pertains to the conscious way of programming the subconscious mind for positive traits and behaviour. For this personality development process to be successful, it should be mixed with feelings, emotions, faith and action.

Defensive method

The subconscious mind cannot filter negative traits, but it can deny such traits before it can even reach the subconscious mind. If you put it in real life application, it can be quite difficult to undertake because it mostly leads to arguments and confrontation. As much as we want to positively condition our subconscious mind still it is a fact that many of us have negative traits probably because of the way we were brought up or could be the effect of our past experiences in life.
Creating an imaginary counselling committee

Once we are done conditioning our subconscious mind and creating a conscious programming, the next step that can significantly influence one’s personality is anchoring one’s life to the life of great people. They can serve as an imaginary counselling committee or simply the role models in life. For example, if you envision your life to be sacred and fulfilled, then you might want to follow the footsteps of Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul, or Princess Diana. If you wish to focus on wisdom and intelligence, then you can follow the footsteps of Albert Einstein or Charles Darwin. You try to better yourself by living the life and work of some great personalities. These people are no longer around, but their life, work, and influences serve as your invisible counsellor.

Contact Tai Lopez

If you are going to ask Tai Lopez about his concept of personality development and good life, it would be a balance of love, happiness, wealth, and health. Who is Tai Lopez? He is a personality development trainer who submitted his life to a series of tests and experiments. He lived with the Amish people for more than two years and worked in a community of lepers. He also develops the habit of reading books and follow the footsteps of people with great personalities. If you want to achieve a good life, then you should contact Tai Lopez. He is a person who practices what he preaches. He can surely contribute valuable inputs to your life.

Recommended ways to accomplish personality development

April 06, 2019

Personality development for Happiness and Success

Personality development revolves around a person’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaviour that makes him distinct from the rest. A person with a good personality is someone whom others would like to hang out with. We all want to be attractive and likeable. Hence, it is important to have a good personality. As a matter of fact, having a good personality is even better than having a pretty face. The way you deal with others and the way others look at you has a great impact on your happiness and success in life. Unlike our physical features, we can do a lot of things to help improve ourselves and our personality in general.

Improve Your Personality

Below are some of the recommended ways to improve one’s personality:

•    Be a listener – Conflicts are bound to happen if a person does not know how to listen. If you want to develop your interpersonal skill, then you should be a better listener. You should look an individual in the eyes, pay attention to every word, and make a person feel important. Everybody has the ability to hear but only a few can listen.

•    Expand your interest – make yourself attractive to others by expanding your interest. There are many different ways of expanding your interest such as trying out a new thing, reading books, and associating yourself with others whom you can consider as a mentor. Be open to meeting new people so that you will be exposed to different cultures and beliefs. You will not only learn new things but also broadens your horizon.

•    Be a good conversationalist – Not everyone is good at having a conversation with others, but this skill can be learned. Learn how to talk with others, learn new things, and eventually, you will be able to express yourself through good conversation. To be a good communicating with other,  you need to know how to give an opinion but in a desirable way. Expounding on a subject is an excellent way to keep the conversation going. A well-opinionated individual can significantly influence the perspective of others.

•    Have a positive outlook in life – Problems are a part of life. Who doesn’t have problems? We all are experiencing hardship and difficulties in life. We cannot control them for they are realities of life. What we can control though is how we react to these problems.

To find happiness and success in life, you should learn how to look at things from a positive perspective. You wouldn’t want to surround yourself with negative people. Who you hang out to can affect the way you see life. Hence, you should surround yourself with like-minded people, someone who sees good in the bad. Make it a habit to start your day with a smile, claim that it is going to be a good day, smile, and spread good cheer to everyone you meet.

Learn From Tai Lopez

Personality development starts within you. It is a conscious effort of making yourself a better version of you. If you need assistance with personality development, then you should contact Tai Lopez. He is a personality development trainer and a motivational speaker. He will help you achieve a good life, which is a balance of love, health, happiness, and wealth.

Improve learning with MentorBox

February 17, 2019
They say that change is the only thing in this world. If you want to adapt to change, then you should not outgrow your need for learning. It is one of the secrets of successful people. Top CEOs spend most of their time learning new things and acquiring new skills. One of their habits is reading. It is through reading that you get to learn new things even right at the comfort of home.

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Many people see learning as enrolling in school or participating in a continuing education program. However, learning is not limited to the four corners of the classroom. There is now a new way of learning; something that comes in the box. It is called MentorBox.

Who should subscribe to MentorBox?

MentorBox is for people who are in constant pursuit of learning. It is for people who believe that learning can take them to new heights. If you want to expand your knowledge and level up your skillset, then, by all means, MentorBox is for you.

If you subscribe to MentorBox, you will be given reading materials which are carefully handpicked and curated by successful authors and top executives. The reading materials are something that you wouldn’t consider reading if you pick them yourself. What sets MentorBox apart from the rest is that it is more than just reading books. The people behind MentorBox have engineered a new, fun, and engaging way to learn straight from the highest level authors and thinkers.

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Through MentorBox, you will be able to:
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Two people were responsible for creating MentorBox; Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. Both of them are wide readers and successful in their field of interest. Alex was a former NASA scientist. He is a world-renowned entrepreneur and has launched over 30 companies and made over $1 billion in revenue. Tai Lopez is a social media influencer and an online marketer. He runs a successful book club. Together, they created MentorBox and made it a primary learning platform for thousands of people across the globe.